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Barrla ITMSP Solutions


Modernize your employees experience thru a digitally connected workspace, unlock and discover new ways of working.


Security resilience enables organizations to protect the integrity of the business amidst unpredictable threats or change.

Endpoint Security

Immunize your WINDOWS, MAC and LINUX workstations & protect endpoint everywhere across servers, physical or virtual, in your datacenter or scattered across public clouds.


It's time to turn your payroll chaos into order. Automatic payroll calculations help you to systemize your pay schedule, process and approve pay runs in a few steps.

Servers | Storages

Empower world-changing innovation with faster time-to-results and accelerated AI. Supercomputing solutions across edge to cloud. Accelerate modernization with the industry’s most comprehensive solution to store and manage data across hybrid cloud.

End User Devices

Leveraging Digital Enterprise Management capabilities to deliver a consistently excellent end user experience. IT Device Lifecycle Management Services are optimized to extract maximum value from each employee, regardless of device


Get total isolation and control with maximum flexibility and improve the performance of scalability of your applications.

Access Control

Simplify your admin operations with powerful features, checking employee availability and time-off using access control tools.

Cloud Computing

Barrla ITMSP provides computing services such as servers, storage, networking, software, databases and much more, over the internet. Typically, these services can be availed on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis. As contrasted with organizations having to create and own their own data center and other computing infrastructure, the cloud model allows for hiring access to compute, storage, database and other components from a cloud service provider.

Barrla | Private Shared Cloud Solutions

We are dedicated to maintaining and controlling our servers in-house to eliminate the costs and unreliability associated with third-party maintenance. With our model of comprehensive security and maintenance we’re able to offer better coverage, 100% uptime and faster speeds all at lower costs than other dedicated server hosts.

Private IT Service Team

Barrla ITMSP offers customizable, flexible, and cost effective services with scheduled installation of hardware and software, also supports changes to configurations, de-installation, relocation of equipment, re-installation, connectivity testing and user orientation. Our techies works collaboratively with client’s IT teams, enabling the organization engineers on demand, across the country, on a support event basis, for specific needs.


  • Service Desk
  • Technical Field Support
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Client user co-ordination
  • Fulfilment Services
  • Reporting & Reviews

AMC Services

One of the key expectations of organizations is timely and stress-free provision of warranty services for their IT assets. Barrla ITMSP supports organizations manage their enterprise IT infrastructure by providing warranty fulfillment services, ensuring high availability, manageability and performance. Also ensures continued support for laptops, desktops, servers, storage, printers, plotters and other devices, through properly packaged AMC services.


  • Customized services
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Stand-by Provisioning
  • Trained personnel
  • Stocked Spare Parts

Data Services

Making your data connectivity in HA(High Availability) using multiple data service like MPLS, ILL, SD-WAN technologies

Core Values

  • Listen to the Customer
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  • No Compromise on Quality
  • Our Mission

    We deliver advanced high quality Technologies @ prices that are competitive and well supported on a worldwide basis

    Quality Policy

    Quality First, we strive to keep our solutions and products Simple and Defect free.

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